‘Infinite Well’: Women-Powered Podcast Shows You How to Tap into Your Intuition and Heal Yourself

Boss babe duo: Natalie Moore and Kate Sullivan, co-hosts of Infinite Well.

The concept behind Infinite Well came about from a series of conversations that Kate Sullivan and Natalie Moore had while on several peaceful strolls around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Both ladies met when they were Marriage and Family interns at the time, and they hit it off right away with their shared interests and fascination with mind-body connection and spiritual wellness. 

“We couldn’t wait to discuss all we had learned in the previous week about mental wellness, spirituality and holistic health, because we were so on the same page with our burgeoning interests. At one point, I looked over at Kate and asked, ‘Do you want to start a podcast?’” said Natalie. Of course, Kate replied without hesitation, saying, “I thought you’d never ask!” 

Natalie Moore, co-host of “Infinite Well,” and licensed marriage and family therapist. (Photo courtesy Natalie Moore)

The duo says Infinite Well refers to “the deep well of wisdom that resides within each individual.” With our minds constantly inundated by information, it can be difficult to come back to ourselves and tap into our full potential when we feel so stuck. Infinite Well refers to the act of living your best life, feeling abundant, and returning to the “life force within you that is waiting to guide you if you’ll just slow down and listen enough to be guided by it,” shares Natalie.

On the Infinite Well podcast, Kate and Natalie cover topics like burnout, choosing love over fear, feeling broken, or “comparisonitis”—feeling less than when we compare ourselves to others. The podcast is a way to empower both women and men to find balance in their lives while being mindful and present. The goal is to also encourage people to tap into our inner strengths and take care of our well-being before we can share our gifts with others, the duo explained. 

Aside from working one-on-one with clients as holistic psychotherapists and self-actualization coaches, one of the interesting and challenging aspects about co-hosting a podcast is that Kate and Natalie don’t always get to see how their audience or the individual they are speaking to is receiving or practicing what they say on the podcast.

“So it’s been a great test of leaning on our own intuition to simply share what’s true for us and trust that it will land how it needs to for the people who hear it,” says Kate. 

Kate Sullivan, co-host of Infinite Well, and self-actualization coach. (Photo courtesy Kate Sullivan)

Kate shares that as her master’s degree in psychology wrapped up, she was excited to begin training in healing modalities and soon discovered that much of what helped her heal and nurture her spiritual awakening wasn’t actually in the field of psychology at all. “It was in adjacent areas like nutrition, personal empowerment, spirituality, plant medicines, sound healing, and working with a coach.” Through Kate’s client work, she aims to support clients to self-actualize, realize their potential, and heal themselves to create the life they desire. 

Natalie has felt that Western psychology has explained how the brain works and how trauma and loss in our early relationships greatly influence our current day-to-day lives. But she also realized that Western psychology seemed to also be missing a few key ingredients for healing, such as connecting to one’s spirituality and understanding the impacts of diet and exercise on mental health, she explained. “That’s why it only seemed natural for me to integrate these aspects of total health into my therapy practice,” says Natalie, a licensed marriage and family therapist, who started her journey and interest in psychology and yoga since the age of 16. 

Kate shares both she and Natalie have been often disillusioned by the idea that the medical establishment has all the answers to keeping us in good health, and that the educational system can teach us everything we need to know. Both she and Natalie believe that as individuals, we can find great input and wisdom from sources outside of us to inform our choices, and that we are in charge of our own health and our own lives, and that ultimately, the responsibility lies with us to be guided for the choices that are right for us. 

To expand into how to utilize our inner powers, the duo teaches techniques and mindful tools through their podcast. “Each episode is essentially our way of answering that question, and is an exploration of ways to tap into our personal power and internal guidance,” says Kate. Their hope is that listeners will take the ideas that resonate with them, and leave what doesn’t. 

“We share our personal experiences and those of clients as a way to reinforce the concept that even though this worked for us, it is always up to you to feel into it and take the path that will best suit you,” Kate added. 

What Natalie loves most about the work she does as a holistic psychotherapist is that she gets to learn more from her clients than they’ll ever learn from her. “[The best part] is waking up with the honor and privilege to help people on their journey of healing and self-discovery. I learn everything from my clients from how to listen deeply, to how to trust my intuition, to how to let go of judgment and how to be patient, how to hold and sit with pain, and how to draw out the wisdom and resilience within,” says Natalie.  For Kate, she loves that in her work as a self-actualization coach, she is a tool, and as such, she needs to keep sharp, keep learning, and care for herself so that she can best serve her clients. 

Beyond the podcast and their individual work with clients, Natalie and Kate have co-hosted women’s empowerment circles in the San Gabriel Valley. The ultimate goal, says Kate, is to build a supportive community and to restore to each participant the confidence that all the answers to our questions lie within ourselves. “By holding space for each other and witnessing one another’s truth with no agenda, no advice, no need to fix or change anyone’s mind, we practice the art of listening and being with each other in a way that is not often practiced or witnessed today. It’s an invitation to connect with a more feminine way of being and ultimately to bring our masculine and feminine energies into the correct balance for each of us,” says Kate. 

Natalie currently hosts six events per year for holistic wellness professionals in the SGV area through the Interprofessional Community of Pasadena. The goal of these meetings, says Natalie, is to foster deep connections within the healthcare community and to stimulate shared knowledge and inspiration and provide clients with the best care possible. “The group also intends to break the current paradigm of treating symptoms of disease and build a model of encouraging prevention and honors health of mind, body and spirit,” says Natalie. 

Kate leads similar personal empowerment workshops called Infinite Possibilities, which encourages participants to reconsider the “conditioned belief that life happens to us, and instead to recognize that our thoughts, beliefs, and actions from moment to moment actually create our life experiences, our health, income, and relationships.  “Within this new framework we take responsibility for our lives and are free to manifest a life in true alignment with our highest good and the good of all,” says Kate. 

Both ladies of Infinite Well hope to continue to inspire a community that wants to find the tools for tapping into their inner powers and letting go of limiting beliefs that may be detrimental to growth. 

“I hope you’re inspired to tune into our podcast, follow us on Instagram, attend one of our moon gatherings or get in touch with us to chat. We really are building a community of people who want to wake up to their full potential. If you’re into women’s empowerment (which if you’re reading this blog, I think you are!) you’re likely to resonate with our message and find something of value to apply in your life, career and relationships,” says Natalie. 

-Written by Monica Luhar, for morningswithmoni.com 

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